Unsecured Loan:

The chart details the total payments and time period to repay for a single item purchased at the advertised monthly payment. It assumes you will pay the monthly loan payment each and every monthly period, except for the last payment, which may require a smaller advertised monthly payment to pay off the balance in full. You may increase your monthly loan payment or pay the balance in full at any time without extra fee.

Please select $100 increment that closely reflects your purchase. You will find the following: minimum payment, time required to pay off the balance, and the total amount you will pay over the period. Please be informed that payment amounts are subject to approval based on creditworthiness and amount financed. The lowest price shown is representative of the longest term allowed for financing. The actual loan amount, term and APR that a customer qualifies for may vary based upon credit underwriting and state law.

Monthly Financing Loan Program (19.9% APR)
Loan amount Minimum monthly payment Number of payments Total amount paid
(including Finance Charges)
$2,001.00 $74.26 36 $2,673.36
$2,101.00 $77.97 36 $2,806.92
$2,201.00 $81.68 36 $2,940.48
$2,301.00 $85.40 36 $3,074.40
$2,401.00 $89.11 36 $3,207.96
$2,501.00 $92.82 36 $3,341.52
$2,601.00 $96.53 36 $3,475.08
$2,701.00 $100.24 36 $3,608.64
$2,801.00 $103.95 36 $3,742.20
$2,901.00 $107.66 36 $3,875.76

The table above was created using the following assumptions:

  1. All calculation in the table are based upon an Annual Percentage Rate(APR) of 19.9%;
  2. Payments are made timely so as not to be consider late and charged by the creditor;
  3. Payment are made each period with no early payoff, debt cancellation or suspension agreement applies to the Account
  4. No other balances are currently carried or will be carried on the Amount
  5. You are not currently and will not become delinquent on the Account