// 12/13/2017 (10:14)

Financing 101 | How Car Loan Works

When buying a car, you may not have enough cash in your bank account or you just don't want to put all the cash into the car. Getting a car loan is a great solution if you are in such situations. Besides, it helps boost your credit score.

// 12/08/2017 (11:55)

Car 101 | How to Buy a Used Car in the US

Shopping for a car can be complicated and there's always a lot to consider. Here are the tips for you to read if you are looking for a used car in the U.S.

// 12/01/2017 (14:44)

Car 101 | How to Pick the Best Car within Your Budget?

“I have a budget of $X, which car should I buy?” Your first guide to read before starting all the car shopping process!

// 11/13/2017 (12:20)

Credit 101 | How to Build Credit without SSN

Many of you may think that you don’t have credit scores because international students don’t have SSN. However, credit building is not as difficult as it seems, and SSN is only optional in the process. There are various ways in which you can build up your credit profiles and improve your credit scores.