Simple Application Process

Choose a Car & Apply Online
Choose the car you want to finance from or any dealership within coverage and complete your credit application online.
Sign Purchase Agreement
Sign purchase agreement and make security deposit at dealership. Upload purchase agreement as instructed.
Sign Loan Agreement
E-sign your loan agreement upon approval and set up your automated monthly payment.
Pick up Your Car
Make down payment at dealership and pick up your car.
Choose a Product & Apply Online
Choose the product you want to finance on or other websites and complete your credit application online.
Sign Loan Agreement
E-sign your loan agreement upon approval and set up your automated monthly payment.
Get Your Funding
Proceeds will be deposited into your bank account as soon as next day.
Enjoy Shopping
Purchase your product at any online or offline store and pay over time.

Start Building Your Credit History with Westbon

Financing has never been so easy and transparent

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Build Credit History
No SSN Required
No Prepayment Penalty
Low Interest Rate

Application Requirements

With our innovative underwriting model, international students can get loans they deserve even without SSN or credit history. Check out the application requirements below.

Hear from Our Customers

  • Neel
    "Buying a car as an international student ? Westbon is here for you. Most of the financing companies denied to provide loan due to low credit history and student visa status. Westbon helped me to overcome both these problems with competitve APR rates. Thank you Westbon !!! "
    Neel P.
    University of Texas Dallas
  • Ziwei
    " You know how frustrating it could be when all your friends are taking a road trip but you can only stay at home. You know how depressed it could be when you finally find your dreamed car but your budget is limited. These problems have all been solved since Westbon shows up. It is really good to know that there is a program specially designed for international students, and I really appreciate Westbon’s professionalism, efficiency and great service for helping me finance my first car. Thank you for being there. "
    Ziwei L.
    Mercer University
  • Yazhou
    " Westbon offered me financing with great interest rate. They also helped me through the procedure of purchase with lots of information and helpful advice. Westbon's customer service always respond my questions instantly and explain to me in a professional way. Thanks a lot, my friends! "
    Yazhou T.
    Delaware State University
  • Kavya
    " Westbon is always there for international students need. Thank You guys for bringing up the thought of Westbon. I have referred my friends too who were in need, and you guys always gave a quick response to our questions. I strongly recommend your service.  "
    Kavya A.
    Long Island University C.W. Post Campus